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Welcome to HartBass, Where we give ANYBODY the experience of being a model for a day. That includes men, women, children, families and even pets. Our portraits are custom styled to your desires and interests. We do everything but classic and stiff portraits. Our more fashion forward and contemporary portraits are high energy and 100% impactful. Click the images on the right side for more about what we do!

At HartBass, our goal is to bring out your best in portraits. Our studio shoots and on location shoots specialize in makeover photography for women, men, families, children. Everyone you could think of. Our specially trained design consultants and award winning photographers are skilled in creating the kind of look you want for your session. From a Fashion shoot to Glamour portrait or even something more casual. We individually assess each client on a personal basis to establish what it is you want in a portrait for you, your friends and family.  Welcome to HartBass.

How does it work? We go that extra mile to ensure you make the most of your photographic experience. Before you attend, we will talk you through the general photoshoot concept, and work with you on creating ideas that ensure yours comes out unique to all others. We will schedule an agreed date of availability for you to shoot with us.  In one of our fully equipped studios, or on location sights, our award winning photographer will go to work. You will be directed through the whole process, which usually erases all nervousness and unease for most people. You will be having so much fun that all the technical expertise will pass you by. A memorable experience. Following the hours and days of your shoot, we have a professional artist styling and designing original pieces of art from your images, featuring you! Whether your preference is for natural colors, black & white or graphic designs, our creative experts will design something special. Your finished pieces wcan be viewed piece by piece as they are finished, on the Hartbass Facebook Fanpage, to exhibit the wonders we can do. (www.facebook.com/hartbass) Private images, and specially requested intimate pieces can be shared via personal email, upon request. Following your shoot within a few days, or based around schedule availability for you, Our image Consultant will arrange a meet, to review your images and any Special Product requests you may want to ask for. Your Image Consultant will show you a unique and exciting viewing of your show. A personalized slideshow will be included, with a free consulting of placing of professional designing your home with your new images. We have multiple ways to consult with you based on your own comfortability. We can invite you to our studio, or come to you! The individuality of your story lies not only in the way our photographer tells it but in the way our designers present it. There’s something to suit every style and each design is exclusive to HartBass.

At HartBass we capture your precious moments in time. We can construct a dream, idea or fantasy.  Our innovative photography, exceptional editing quality and first class customer service continues to redefine portrait photography. Our goal is to always create lasting memories for generations to come. Our goal is to take the ordinary and make it a timeless story. We take that extra step of redefining the goal of each and every shoot. We often amaze people with how well we can construct an idea or theme. Don't be too shy to ask, or spill a thought. We've probably had stranger requests then you could ever imagine, and we never laugh or judge upon anything. Yeah, thats HartBass.

HartBass is more than just a photo shoot, its a photographic experience. The majority of our clients tell us the shoots are more therapeutic than anything else. Moods are changed. Personalities are amplified and most importantly by the time you leave the studio, self esteems are at its highest. We can give you confidence to be yourself.

We believe that if an image is not timeless then it is worthless. Our goal is to make these images strike you with an emotion. Beauty, Love, Strength, Joy, and tears of Happiness.  When your old and gray, we want you looking back at these images with your children and your grandchildren, to help illustrate your life, your story.

We  understand that those fuzzy four legged pals are more than just a pet. To some, they are children, family, and endearing friends. You nurture and care from them in exchange for their companionship and love. Why wouldn't you want them to be part of the Photo albums you will look through, for beautiful memories? Just ask. We are very pet friendly, and animal loving.

We don't like using the term hobbies, it sounds a bit childish. We prefer to use the phrase "extensions of self". Because lets be realistic if you are into something, it becomes part of your life. Let us at HartBass illustrate and capture that extension with a timeless image. Before you attend, we will talk you through the photoshoot, and work with you on creating ideas that will really bring out your extensionss to ensure your photos are truly unique.

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