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Awesome Christmas Gift!

Hi Hi!

Before going to bed i received an anonymous email. When i opened it the writer wrote, “No one takes him serious anymore, but here is some great reading, i will send more as the days go by. Merry Christmas.”  And i get these three links about that stalker who keeps writing about me. I rolled my eyes. I don’t take him seriously also. But why not lets read. And boy was it interesting. For anyone that would like to read more about this man here are a few links (apparently i am going to get more. So cant wait till the sender sends it):











Well i got such a great laugh out of it that it is now time to go to bed. Good Night Hart Throbs. Sweet dreams.


PS: why be anonymous? be proud and come out id like to personally thank you.

Thanks Happy Holidays,


-Harts Ortiz


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Katrice Sowash says:

whoah this weblog is magnificent I love reading your posts as of late. This one especially shocked me. Because of him I can not use my real name. He harrassed me for ages and lied about me more then anyone knows. It is nice to see someone standing up to this psycho. Thank you Harts.

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